Why 550 Paracord?

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Why 550 Paracord?

For years now, there have been "survival" supplies made from leather for its high durability and quality, nylon for it's low cost and versatility, and braided rope for its strength and weight. Paracord has been around for just as long but hasn't picked up traction until more recently when more and more military inspired products started being used commercially.

The first major "why" is because the U.S. Military uses 550 paracord. As I mentioned in the previous article, paracord is literally parachute cord or the strings that hold parachutes to the paratroopers. The military is known for finding the most rugged, durable, versatile materials on earth to be used by soldiers so that they will have every advantage in all situations. If it's good for a soldier, it's good for you!

Next, is permanence. Many products are built with inherent obsolescence; the products are meant to wear out and cause you to buy another one at some point. Look at the most commonly bought products today: electronics. Your cell phone is obsolete every 2 years at best. While other jewelry can last for years, decades, and even centuries it's highly dependent on the craftsmanship and quality of the metals used. Thousands of years ago, jewelry was made to last which is why we can dig it up today and remove the tarnish and actually resell it. Today, fashion items are made to break. I mention fashion because a paracord bracelet can be used as a fashion accessory as well. Because it doesn't mold, is resistant to almost everything except fire, and doesn't shrink or fade it will be around for a long time.

Overall usefulness is the last reason for now. I'll write more blogs about how to use 550 paracord, but in short there are a massive number of uses for paracord. So as to not reinvent the wheel here is what Backdoor Survival listed as some uses (44 in total). My top uses are for camping to string up anything, for fishing as a line to bring in your catch, and for backpacking to secure all your gear.

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